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Wrapped By Melanie Jordan

I collect and have done so for a considerable portion of my life. My hoard includes fabrics, china, cacti, old tins, rusty fragments, and other found or discarded objects. It is the disparate archive of rusty artefacts discovered in my garden,( a now disused plant nursery) that has provided the inspiration for my artwork. Key to my practice has been fusing contrasting material elements, namely rusty metal implements, with fine linen pieces. By combining the brutal functionality with the delicate ornamental, I have created juxtapositions of both substance and function, while keeping an essence of the history and heritage. Rust has a basic primal quality that evokes a sense of ruin, decay and abandonment, while simultaneously celebrating the capacity of nature to re- form itself. It occupies the interface between manmade and the natural world, thus providing huge artistic potential.

Inspired by artist Judith Scott, I have been experimenting with wrapping and binding the rusting items.  Using natural accelerants such as salt, tea, lemon juice and vinegar I allowed the pieces to stain over time, investigating the pigmentation process, to create art.

In exhibiting the pieces at The Old Nursery, there are a feeling of returning the items to where it all began, coming full circle in a sense.