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Artists- Melanie Jordan, Faye Glenn and Anca Loredana Crivat

Feb 12-13th 2018 in the White Project Space UCA Canterbury

Initial Idea

To install our work in the project space to explore connections between our very different practises, and experiment with installation ideas for the upcoming degree show exhibition. We work along side each other in the blue studio and felt that although we worked independently there were connections between our creations that should be investigated. It was also an opportunity to take work out of the studio to photograph and look at how pieces related without the visual confusion.


Firstly, we took a collection of work into the project space and each started to install our individual work in separate areas of the room. This I think was an important stage to go through as it enabled us to consider our own work in the visual calmness. I wanted to build on the success of my assessment install, and bear in mind how I might take the work forward.


When I initially entered the space, I was drawn to the sunlight that filled one corner of the room and quickly placed some pieces there to get the benefit of the light and shadows before it vanished. 



We had a visit from the artist/ curator Alexander Croft who said that the thing that struck him was how we were all in our little corners. Not much integration. He also said the first thing he would do was to move my floor-based assemblage out into the centre of the room. Great points so out into the room it went, and we decided that our task for day two was to integrate the work more to create a whole rather than three separate displays.

This piece for me just needed to be placed near to these wonderful pipes. Initially I placed it central on the wall


We discovered on arriving on day two that our tutors had visited our install after we had left the day before and promised to give us some pointers. Unfortunately, Anca wasn’t well so we were down to Faye and myself. We booked a tutorial with Bob to advise us on how we could refine it and things more.

Some thought from tutor B:

·       It did seem very segregated. We needed to make connections between our work. Colour- wire

·       We needed to edit. There was too much as it was.

·       Think about reducing the number of bound pieces. One piece attracts interest, too many and the impact is reduced.

·       Loose the plinths. Talked to Faye about creating a display table from cooling racks.

·       Move my assemblage into the centre.

·       Think about the role of shelves. Work best when they are integrated with the piece. 

·       Think about the juxtaposition between the materials and the making.

·       search for interesting finds, possible continuing the domestic theme.

·       Have confidence!

·       More faded blue.



Some thought from tutor C

·       Integrate more- we had already started to do this when he visited.

·       He suggested hanging my piece from the ceiling, so it created impact as you came in the door.

·       Thought one way to display the wheel was to stand it up- maybe using a spike up from the floor.

·       He was glad we had discarded the plinth.

·       The more experience you can get of installing work in a space the easier it becomes.

My thoughts

Such a positive experience that gave an insight into what is in store as the degree show approaches. We were tentative initially in allocating space, far too polite and considerate. I’m sure not all collaborative partnerships are so accommodating. The unfortunate consequence of this was that we very much installed our work in our own little space. We had concluded by the end of the first day that this was an issue that we should tackle on day two.

·       I think for future installs it is an idea to bring all the pieces together and place/try pieces together to explore connections.

·       Perhaps starting with only a few pieces would avoid over cluttering the space.


·       The architecture of the space needs considering. This space had a cluttered ceiling space, a wall of windows, radiators and quirky pipework. Working with rather against this is important.

·        Don’t be afraid of the middle of the room. Be bold!

·       It had a more professional feel when we pared things back. Less is more!

·       Keep working on install techniques-. practise, practise

·       Look for other contrasting pieces to juxtapose materiality with function. Focus on the domestic.

·       It makes me think of the quote from Janis K that I used last year- I search amongst the fragments (emotional and formal) for the scatterings  of history. Put this in the statement.