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Emotional Silence

I continued recording my thoughts and stitching them to form ribbons of words. There is a recurring theme of frustration that runs through them, which is very personal, this along with my son being a living person, led me to question whether the words should be read at all? I kept returning to the idea of silence; the pauses in conversations, and began to think of them as negative spaces, or voids of tranquillity - visual and emotional silence. This led me to start stitching together the pieces of hand dyed cloth; stitching wordless pieces together. It was a slow methodical endeavour as some of the pieces were large and unwieldy. The pieces symbolise the brief pauses that are stitched together to reflect the importance of space for absences of words within these conversations. What is not said being as important as all that is.The size of this piece is significant I feel as its vastness reflects how vital personal thought is in maintaining an identity. Making this piece was about physically creating space for myself- visual and emotional silence.

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